Student and Alumni Profiles

So many terrific students have made their way through Futures.  Here are a few of our current students.  If you are alumni and would like to be profiled, please contact me at


Kendall Bryant

PHS Class of 2014,  University of New Hampshire, Class of 2018

Kendall Bryant

My career plans include getting a masters in Criminology and Justice Studies. Ultimately, I would like to be a special agent in the FBI with a specialty in forensic behavior analysis. I would also like to be a drug recognition expert (DRE). 


Madolyn Chavez

PHS class of 2015, Keene State College, Class of 2019

Madolyn Chavez Pic

My majors are Health Science with a focus in Behavior and Health, and Spanish. My career interest is something related to holistic health concerning the body, mind, and soul. I’m currently studying for a semester in Colorado to see what the activity level and health is like for people in this area that is completely new to me. My career goal is to help people achieve maximum health in their lives, whether it be recovering from a sickness (like I did from Lyme Disease), or just simply looking to live a healthier life!


Nolan Collins

PHS Class of 2013, University of New Hampshire, Class of 2018

I’m currently majoring in Social Work at UNH and originally wanted to work with patients in a rehabilitation setting. I have since worked with a few Occupational Therapy (OT) interns and think I may shift my focus to  that field in a graduate program if able. I like the hands on approach that OT brings and want to assist individuals with disabilities to provide them with adaptions and a means to preform activities and connect with the community. I imagine this would take place in a center or facility specializing in permanent/temporary disabilities or cognitive functioning, so that is where I intend to look after I graduate for further field work or professional opportunities.



James Fahey

PHS, Class of 2014, University of New Hampshire, Class of 2018

I’m studying Bio medical science with a focus in Medical Laboratory Sciences. In the spring I will go to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to study and learn all areas of the medical lab in preparation for the board examination. Once I successfully pass my board I can get a job in any lab across the country. My expected graduation is the May 2018. 


Adam Huynh

PHS, Class of 2014, University of New Hampshire, Class of 2018

Adam Huynh Pic close up

I’m a Biomedical Science: Med/Vet Science and Neuroscience double major at UNH. I’m an Honors student and I am heavily involved with UNH from things ranging from Swing Dance Club, AEMT for McGregor EMS, to being a student coordinator for the UNH PAWs program. I would like to go to medical school someday because I feel like it is my calling to help people, as well as meeting my own personal challenge of becoming the best I can be. I have unique life experiences that have brought me to where I am today and my story comes from humble beginnings. 


Kalia Matthews

PHS Class of 2016, Keene State College, Class of 2020

I am currently a sophomore at Keene State College. I am a double major in Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Criminal Justice. My future career goal is to join the FBI or CIA as a detective in the Terrorism department. With this job I hope to travel around the world and protect our country from future genocide and or terrorism. 
Katie O’Leary

Class of 2014, Keene State College, Class of 2018

Katie O Leary image

I am a Theater major with specialization in design and technology.  Most of my focus lies in stage management and lighting.  After I graduate I’d really like to work in regional theaters where I can have steady, professional work but still change up my role in the productions every once in a while. I love so many aspects of theater, therefore I don’t want to be pigeonholed into a single category.  In 2015 I worked as an assistant stage manager at the Prescott Park Arts Festival for their production of “The Little Mermaid”.  This past summer I worked at a summer camp and I was the lighting designer/electrician for their theater.  We performed two musicals, a musical showcase, and several small shows such as talent shows, and music shows.


Donovan Phanor

PHS Class of 2014, Stonehill College, Class of 2018

donovan Phanor pic

I’m a senior accounting major involved in multiple organizations on campus, ranging from the Student Alumni Association to Beta Alpha Psi (National Honor Society for Accounting Majors) to my obvious commitment with the Varsity Football Team. 
My career goal thus far is to make an upper level management position with my future employer, Pricewaterhouse Coopers. I will have to go to graduate school in order to earn the credits I need to sit to become a CPA and then I will start full time at Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Boston office, located in the Seaport District. I will be working as a Tax Associate and so I plan on working my way up the ranks in the organization.


Yianna Rhodes

PHS Class of 2014, University of New Hampshire, Class of 2018


Hi everyone, my name is Yianna, I am a senior Animal Science major on the pre-vet track at UNH. That means I like animals and decided to take a bunch of extra classes on top of my major, so you can count it as a minor! I have owned and trained horses for over a decade now, and currently own an 8 year old Arabian stallion. I originally am from Portsmouth but recently moved to Northwood NH (still close!). I work part-time as a veterinary technician at Lafayette Animal Hospital in Portsmouth (come say hi!), and am also very involved at UNH. I am the vice president of my agricultural sorority, Sigma Alpha, a research assistant at the organic dairy in Lee NH, and a current CREAM student (a small class where students learn to take care of their own herd of Holstein cows throughout the year). My future goal has always been to become a veterinarian, but after this year I am going to take a gap to continue gaining experience in the field before applying to vet school. Other options I am considering include masters and PhD programs in animal nutrition or reproduction. I owe a lot of my current success to Futures for making it possible for me to be receiving a bachelor’s degree in the spring. 


Sarah Rousseau

PHS, Class of 2015, University of New Hampshire, Class of 2019

I have declared my major as Recreational management and polices.  My plans for after graduation aren’t set in stone yet but I would like to do something in the field of event planning/ hospitality. I also like working with kids so maybe something to combine my interests. In the past I’ve had internships through my high school to get some real hand-on work in the hospitality industry at The Sheraton Harbor side Hotel.I also took two years of hospitality management and I’m certified in the two year program. This summer I’ve been working as a pool monitor and I’ve enjoyed every day at work. I’ve been working with kids to help them become more confident in the water and helping them face their fears. This job has helped open my eyes to how much I like to work with children and how rewarding it is to see their accomplishments throughout the summer.